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Aimee and Barb are certified speech-language pathologists with diverse clinical knowledge and over 45 years of combined experience with the pediatric population.  Additionally, they are both moms who saw the need and importance for early identification and intervention of communication disorders and delays. Their paralleled passion for servicing families and assisting young children to communicate, learn, play and enjoy life became the foundation for their partnership.  

Together, Aimee and Barb decided to leave their careers in the public schools and embark on a journey to create ABC Speech Partners. The concept of the practice is integrating innovative speech and language programs for children in local preschools and childcare centers. Dedicated to early childhood communication development, ABC Speech Partners’s philosophy creates an individualized yet family-centered approach, teaming with educators and specialists and promoting the integration of on-site speech and language programs.  Building partnerships and empowering children to communicate translates to children reaching their full potential, both academically and developmentally. 

Barb Iuorio, MS, CCC-SLP

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Aimee Edwards, MA, CCC-SLP

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Aimee Edwards

"Aimee is a caring speech-language pathologist, who has an extensive depth of knowledge and experience.  Aimee's ability to relate to others and pleasant disposition allow her to build strong relationships with families and children.  Aimee was our speech therapist for two of my sons.  Her therapy sessions created an environment that built confidence in my sons' speech skills, so they were successful communicating with others and developing friendships." -- Bridget A., parent  

Barbara Iuorio

"My son started speech therapy with Barb Iuorio when he was three years old. I was not only impressed with her skill as a practitioner, but also her ability to meet kids at their level. She knows how to work speech skills into fun games and child-friendly activities, as well as explain things to parents, so they can continue working with their child at home. Her early work with my son has set him up to be a well-spoken, easily understood child, positively impacting both his school and social life." -- Allison M., parent 

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Aimee Edwards, MA, CCC-SLP



Barb Iuorio, MS, CCC-SLP